The time change in spring and fall is rough on most people who have to go thorough it. I’m not sure if anyone outside the U.S. does Daylight Savings, but I know that there are only a few lucky states that don’t. (I’m so jealous!) To try to help at least a few more people to get the rest they need, I researched some DST sleep tips.

Daylight Savings Tips

I think the best tip I found was to gradually transition over a few days. Starting a few days ahead of time, go to bed 15 mins earlier each night until you have adjusted an hour. If you aren’t able to spread it over enough days beforehand, continue to go to bed early a few days after the change.


If you find yourself sleepy the day of the time change, try to slip a 20 min nap in during the day to recharge. Keep it to no longer than 20 though, or you will mess with your next night’s sleep.

Give yourself plenty of wind down time since you are going to bed earlier. Turn off the TV, laptop, etc. at least an hour or two before bed. Put your phone aside too. Try listening to some relaxing music and/or reading instead.

Even if you don’t usually avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime, go ahead and do it for the next few days. You might as well not make the transition any harder than needed.


Another thing to try over the next few days is to make sure you get some sun exposure immediately after getting up in the morning. This helps with the setting of your internal clock.

All of the sleep tips in this post should help also.


Check those clocks!

Finally, something to watch out for with your clocks. Many devices automatically change the time for DST now. That’s really helpful, but it can be problematic also. You don’t want to forget to change a clock you rely on. So, walk through your house and lay eyes on each clock you have. Make sure each one has been adjusted for the time change. Don’t forget your car clock also!

Hopefully these tips will help you ease the transition this weekend. Do you have any other go-to tips you use each year? Share below! Also, feel free to come back and let me know how it went!