Teens can be harder to entertain when you are stuck in the house. I asked my kids for ideas and the 14 year old had the most input for me. So, here are my “teen approved” activities to suggest to your teens when they have run out of ideas.

21 “Teen Approved” Activities

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1. Make a music video or movie
2. Practice origami
3. Learn to cook their favorite meal
4. Movie marathon (at home or online with friends) There are more than a handful of apps to choose from for this.
5. Make cards to send. Friends, family, isolated neighbors, and even people living at nursing homes are all great options for this.
6. Grow something. There are so many options. Seed kits, regrowing produce at home, propagating from plants you already have and I bet there are even more options. Growing things is so satisfying, and it is proven to be good for our health (mentally and physically) to have plants in our living space.

7. Make a tote out of a t-shirt

8. Create a photo journal or blog

9. Make friendship bracelets

10. Sort clothes to donate
11. Write – a poem, song, play, story, or start a novel
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12. Create a website (learn to code!)
13. Make a bucket list of everything they want to do once it is safe again.
14. Watch makeup tutorials and learn a new technique
15. Read to kids they know over video chat.
16. Make playlists. Create the perfect playlist for during shower time, to play while cooking/baking, to work out to, or the ideal list to help them relax and fall asleep. Theme options are practically unlimited.
17. Play board games. Drag out the old favorites or design a new one!
18. Make jewelry
21. Learn graphic design. I found a lot of resources with a quick search on Pinterest, but the free course offered by Kimmi Kinsey caught my eye. I’m going to suggest that one to my own 14-year-old. She is really interested in doing graphic design for a living.
I know teens can be especially resistant to suggestions, so I hope a few of these pique their interest. Remember, nothing lasts forever and they’ll be out doing their own thing before long.
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