Since it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day, I’ve gathered some cheap date ideas to share with you. You don’t have to spend a lot to have fun and get romantic!

1) Movie Night at Home

Popcorn, Netflix, maybe some snacks, and your sweetheart is all that is needed for this date. What’s more romantic than getting to snuggle up with your Valentine?

2) Game Night

Pull out the board games, and have fun together! You can even invite some other couples over and have some friendly competition.

3) Bake Together

This has the potential to be very romantic and sexy. It can be very intimate to bake together in the kitchen, and who doesn’t like ending up with something tasty to eat?

4) Candlelight Dinner at Home

Cook together, or for each other, and have a fancy dinner at home for less than going out. Bonus, a romantic setting in your own home is an easy transition to getting more comfy and close.

5) Spa Day at Home

Trade massages, take a bubble bath together, shower together and trade scalp massages. There are many options with this one. All that pampering will relax you both and has the potential to be very romantic.

6) Stargaze

If the weather allows it where you live, take some blankets and pillows out and stargaze. Cuddling up with your sweetie and checking out the stars is so cozy.

7) Go for a Walk Together and See the Sunset

Going for a walk is a wonderful way to spend time together and have some great conversation. This has the potential to be a wonderfully intimate date where you can grow much closer to each other.

8) Build a Fire and Make S’mores

If you have the means to do this one, why wouldn’t you? Snuggling up together by a fire, watching the stars, eating yummy s’mores. What a perfect date.

9) Picnic

Again, if the weather where you live can accommodate it, this is a great date. You can tailor the menu to what your budget allows. The place is really flexible too. Really anyone can do this one if you want to picnic at home. Making a pillow fort or having a picnic in front of the fire place is terribly romantic.

10) Bowling

If you are a more active couple, this can be a fun, cheap date. Food, drinks, and entertainment are all included and you can even invite some friends along if you want.

I hope I’ve been successful in showing you that dates don’t have to be expensive to be fun and romantic. ┬áThere are many other options. Do you have a favorite cheap date I didn’t cover? Please share in the comments! Also, please share this post with your friends who could use some date ideas.